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AAOAmerican Academy of Ophthalmology
AAOAmerican Academy of Otolaryngology (Head & Neck Surgery)
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AAOAge At Onset
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AAOAmino Acid Oxidase
AAOAm Angegebenen Ort (German)
AAOam angegebenen Ort
AAOApproved Acquisition Objective
AAOAnodic Alumina Oxide
AAOAssociation of Aviation Ordnancemen
AAOArmy Acquisition Objective
AAOAuthorized Acquisition Objective
AAOAdministrative Appeal Office (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)
AAOAssociation des Amis des Oiseaux (French)
AAOAwake, Alert and Oriented (medical)
AAOAssociation des Archives de l'Ontario (French: Archives Association of Ontario)
AAOAcetaldehyde Oxime
AAOAirborne Area of Operation
AAOAudio, Acoustique et Ondes (French: Audio, Acoustics and Waves)
AAOArea Audit Office
AAOAdverse Assumption Obstacle
AAOAutonomous Aircraft Operations
AAOAmerican's Army: Operations (game)
AAOArmy Acquisition Organization
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Age at onset of disease ranged from 1 to 19 years with a mean of 7.1308 +- 3.93107 years.
The following data were collected on each patient: demographic variables, age at onset, age at diagnosis, organ involvement, management protocols, and HLA-B51 test results.
Our study did not identify young age at onset as a predictor for frequent relapses, in keeping with some studies (4, 5, 7, 8, 10-13, 15), but not with other studies (3, 6, 9, 14).
Age at onset was directly proportional to the number of trinucleotide repeat expansion sizes in the nonsense mutations too.
Conclusion: In all the epilepsy patients, a younger age at onset and longer duration of epilepsy were associated with a poor prognosis.
The ApoE gene is a confirmed genetic risk factor that influences both the risk and age at onset of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease (10).
ABO incompatibility was observed in 75 (80.6%) neonates aged [?] 3 days and in 18 (19.4%) aged > 3 days and again showed no significant association of ABO incompatibility with age at onset of jaundice (p > 0.05).
It consists of type of drug, age at onset, duration of abuse, current amount and frequency, last use and family history of substance abuse.
It includes a 10-year epidemiological forecast of the diagnosed prevalent cases of HD and juvenile HD, diagnosed prevalent cases of Huntington's disease by age at onset, and diagnosed prevalent cases of adults with juvenile onset HD that progressed to adulthood, segmented by age and sex.
Age at onset of PD was defined as the age at which the first symptom was noticed by the patient.
(27) This suggests that early age at onset of OCD reflects more neurodevelopmental loading than does later age at onset.
Among these subtypes, pauciarticular is more prevalent in the West.7 Female gender and early age at onset are associated with poor functional outcome.