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ASBRAutonomous System Boundary Router
ASBRAnaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor (soil and water treatment)
ASBRAutonomous System Border Router
ASBRAge-Specific Birth Rate
ASBRArlington Senior Babe Ruth (youth baseball league; Virginia)
ASBRAnti-Social Behaviour Reduction
ASBRAirsoft Bündner Rheintal (German)
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As described earlier, the women who delay childbearing do not reduce lifetime births, but redistribute childbearing over the remaining three childbearing periods, resulting in age-specific birth rates equal to lifetime birth rates multiplied by [[theta].
the estimated average number of births per woman in a lifetime, based on the age-specific birth rates observed in a given year) varies by state, ranging from 1.
Figure 1 contains age-specific birth rates for teen-agers from 1920-1987.
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