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ASRRAirfield Suitability and Restrictions Report
ASRRArmy Strategic Readiness Review (US Army)
ASRRAge-Specific Reference Range (urology)
ASRRArtillery Surveillance and Registration Radar
ASRRATCCS System Requirements Review
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Usefulness of age-specific reference range of prostate-specific antigen for Japanese men older than 60 years in mass screening for prostate cancer.
Age-specific reference ranges for prostate specific antigen-total and free in patients with prostatitis symptoms and patients at risk.
Gestational age-specific reference ranges from different laboratories misclassify pregnant women's thyroid status: Comparison of two longitudinal prospective cohort studies.
3 Age-specific reference ranges are necessary for interpretation of TSH levels during the first 5 days of life.
The authors concluded that age-specific reference ranges for PSA, prostatic volume, and PSA density are needed.
15] To improve upon PSA sensitivity in younger men and increase specificity in older men, PSA age-specific reference ranges have been used.
Enhancing the specificity of prostate-specific antigen (PSA): an overview of PSA density, velocity and age-specific reference ranges.
Several approaches have been proposed and investigated to improve the diagnostic accuracy of PSA, including age-specific reference ranges, PSA density, PSA velocity, neural network-derived indexes, and the molecular forms of PSA (4).
Because of the variations in the rate of bone growth in different age groups and possible ethnic differences, age-specific reference ranges for bone formation markers must be established in a particular pediatric population.