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ASRRAustralian School of Reflexology and Relaxation (est. 1986)
ASRRAirfield Suitability and Restrictions Report
ASRRArmy Strategic Readiness Review (US Army)
ASRRAge-Specific Reference Range (urology)
ASRRATCCS System Requirements Review
ASRRArtillery Surveillance and Registration Radar
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Efficiency of prostate-specific antigen and digital rectal examination in screening, using 4.0 ng/ml and age-specific reference range as a cutoff for abnormal values.
In fact, a review of the literature shows that authors have always used healthy male populations to establish PSA cut-off values and age-specific reference ranges. However, actual age-specific PSA reference ranges do not discriminate between slow- and fast-growing (aggressive) tumors.
Thyroid-stimulating hormone in singleton and twin pregnancy: importance of gestational age-specific reference ranges. Obstet Gynecol 2005; 106: 753-7.
Age-specific reference ranges for prostate specific antigen-total and free in patients with prostatitis symptoms and patients at risk.
Gestational age-specific reference ranges from different laboratories misclassify pregnant women's thyroid status: Comparison of two longitudinal prospective cohort studies.
The thresholds of the serum PSA levels were set according to previously reported age-specific reference ranges of PSA.[sup.4] These were 3.0 ng/mL for men between 50-64, 3.5 ng/mL for men between 65-69, and 4.0 ng/mL for men 70 and over.
An Australian study found more elevated TSH levels for samples drawn on day 2 of life compared with day 3 of life, likely reflecting normal postnatal physiology.3 Age-specific reference ranges are necessary for interpretation of TSH levels during the first 5 days of life.
Establishment of age-specific reference ranges. J Am Med Assoc.
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The authors concluded that age-specific reference ranges for PSA, prostatic volume, and PSA density are needed.