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deaths Mortality rate * 1 Respiratory tract infections 15,030 19.5 2 Sepsis 3,045 4.0 3 Tuberculosis 2,209 3.0 4 Intestinal infections 670 1.0 5 Viral hepatitis 667 1.0 * Age-standardized mortality rate (deaths/100,000 population).
Age-standardized mortality rates depict Russia's disastrous overall health trends over the past decades.
However, since the 1990s the incidence rate has not changed substantially (European age-standardized incidence rate in 2009: 16.4/100,000) and mortality rates showed only a slight decreasing trend from 2003 to 2008 (European age-standardized mortality rate in 2009: 4.5/100,000), despite the very high frequency of screening visits that could cover the entire target population of 2.7 million women age 25 to 60.
For men in professional and managerial occupations, the age-standardized mortality rate for causes amenable to medical care and for all other causes was lower than the age-standardized rates observed for all occupationally-active men.
Age-Standardized Mortality Rates for all external causes of death are 30% higher among Arabs than Jews; the ratio for mortality resulting from auto crashes and collisions is 2:1.
We calculated age-standardized mortality rate among all (ASMR) and among those aged one year or older ([ASMR.sub.1a] +) by Brazilian municipality.
Deaths associated with CDAD or pseudomembranous enterocolitis more than doubled from an age-standardized mortality rate of 11 per million population in 1999 to 24 per million in 2004.
Annual age-standardized mortality rates per 100,000 from snakebite varied between states, from 3.0 in Maharashtra to 6.2 in Andhra Pradesh.
Age-standardized mortality rates ranged from 0.19 in Puerto Rican women to 0.39 in NHW women.
While infant mortality rates were used as such, age-standardized mortality rates for the age groups 1-17 and 25-64 were calculated to adjust for the different age structures of the countries.
Charbel el Bcheraoui, Ph.D., from the University of Washington in Seattle, and colleagues examined age-standardized mortality rates and trends by county from lower respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, HIV/AIDS, meningitis, hepatitis, and tuberculosis from 1980 to 2014.
Table 1 shows annual age-standardized mortality rates related to diabetes for each sex.