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ASMRAmelioration du Service Medical Rendu (French)
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ASMRAge-Standardized Mortality Rate
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ASMRAdvanced Surface-Movement Radar
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Unlike previous methodology, which estimated correction factors by intervals constructed from the general age-standardized mortality rate (ASMR) (13,14), the current methodology uses different correction factors per municipality, estimated separately among children under one year old and individuals aged one year or older.
6/100,000, and the highest age-standardized mortality rate in the last decade was 11.
In 2002, it was the fourth-leading cause of cancer deaths, with 452 deaths and an age-standardized mortality rate of 7.
For men in professional and managerial occupations, the age-standardized mortality rate for causes amenable to medical care and for all other causes was lower than the age-standardized rates observed for all occupationally-active men.
12) Over this period, the age-standardized mortality rate for deaths due to causes amenable to medical care declined by 43% for men and 38% for women.
22 * All occupations (reference) ASMR: Age-standardized mortality rate, SRR: Standardized rate ratio.
Age-standardized mortality rates were calculated using the direct method, with the 1991 mid-year population estimates used as the standard population.
Deaths associated with CDAD or pseudomembranous enterocolitis more than doubled from an age-standardized mortality rate of 11 per million population in 1999 to 24 per million in 2004.
Age-Standardized Mortality Rates for all external causes of death are 30% higher among Arabs than Jews; the ratio for mortality resulting from auto crashes and collisions is 2:1.
Annual age-standardized mortality rates per 100,000 from snakebite varied between states, from 3.
65/10000 Annual age-standardized mortality rates 1.
Table 1 shows annual age-standardized mortality rates related to diabetes for each sex.