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TEI appreciates the opportunity to comment on this initiative involving changes related to the use of information document requests (IDRs), Forms 5701 (Notice of Proposed Adjustments), revenue agent reports (RARs), and 30-day letters.
A HUDDERSFIELD estate agent reported "encouraging" sales for the final month of 2011 - as the Yorkshire housing market remained "relatively firm" during December.
One Liverpool estate agent reported only one sale compared with eight last year.
Travel Agent reported in December 2003, when the two parties signed a purchase agreement, Island Air's new owner plans to more than double its fleet of 37-seat de Havilland Dash-8 aircraft over the next few months and to significantly expand the scope of its interisland service.
Each time a concerned citizen or state wildlife agent reports an electrocuted bird, the FWS sends special agents to investigate.
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