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AUFAqua Utilities Florida, Inc.
AUFArbeitsunfähigkeit (German: Disability, Incapacity to Work)
AUFAngeles University Foundation (Philippines)
AUFAgence Universitaire de la Francophonie
AUFAsociación Uruguaya de Fútbol (Uruguay Soccer Federation)
AUFAgent Under Fire (James Bond video game)
AUFAirborne Use of Force (US Coast Guard)
AUFAvailable University Fund (Texas)
AUFAfrican Unification Front
AUFAd Usum Fabricae (Latin: free)
AUFAirborne Uninhabited Fighter
AUFAgence Universitaires de la Francophonie (French: University Agency Francophony)
AUFArbeiderenes Ungdomsfylking (Norwegian political youth party)
AUFAfrica University Fund
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Connecticut Insurance Agent Under Fire for Not Paying Wages The head of a Hartford, Conn.
And there has been some so-so games - like Agent Under fire.
The same was true for the last game: "James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire.
Game review James Bond: Agent Under Fire Format: PlayStation Publisher: Electronic Arts, pounds 39.
Previous Playstation games have not lived up to expectations, so with Agent Under Fire, EA has decided to revive the GoldenEye formula for Bond's debut on the PS2.
At the moment the new football game ISS pro is one of the favourites, along with the James Bond: Agent Under Fire.
and Agent Under Fire for PS2 is an excellent addition to an ever-growing stable of 007 games.
Graphically Agent Under Fire takes things a step ahead of last year's early PS2 releases.
On Sunday, Nintendo will be launching their bright purple GameCube which promises Star Wars: Rogue Leader and a new James Bond game called Agent Under Fire.
Lots of film tie-ins, including two Lord Of The Rings games, new Harry Potter for every platform, Superman, Batman, He-Man Masters Of The Universe and James Bond Nightfire, which is good enough to make up for the disappointing Agent Under Fire.