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ABSMAbominable Snowman
ABSMAmerican Board of Sleep Medicine
ABSMAgent-Based Simulation Model (mission training technology)
ABSMAnswer Back Service Message
ABSMAssociate of Birmingham School of Music (last awarded 1992)
ABSMAutoBid Sheet Metal
ABSMAcknowledge Broadcast from Static to Highly Mobile
ABSMAmity Business School Manesar (est. 1999; India)
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We developed an agent-based simulation model using NetLogo (Railsback, Lytinen, and Jackson 2006) to simulate the supply chains depicted in figures 1 and 2.
(13) applied a queuing model and an agent-based simulation model to reduce waiting times.
Our intention is to investigate the effectiveness of physical barriers installation for prevention of incidents in MCSS by means of an agent-based simulation model. We consider that this study may contribute towards a better understanding of physical barriers as an effective device for preventing accidents on subway platform using simulation modeling.
The authors are grateful to Wolfram Krewitt who originally conceived the development of an agent-based simulation model for the analysis of the market integration of renewables.
The agent-based simulation model of the manufacturing system is referred here as HCNBD model.
Because this is an agent-based simulation model rather than a deterministic model, there is variability in the effects of parameter settings on the outcome of any particular run of the model.
Pathak, Dilts, and Mahadevan generate longitudinal data from an agent-based simulation model. This model was built based on 80 years of archived data collected from the U.S.
Canals, Boisot and MacMillan (2004) develop an evolutionary agent-based simulation model derived from a knowledge-based theoretical framework, and use it to explore the effect of knowledge management strategies on the evolution of a group of knowledge-intensive organizations located in a given geographical area.
Adaptation and Sustainability in a Small Arctic Community: Results of an Agent-Based Simulation Model. (HARC Issue)
Towards A Novel Unified Framework for Developing Formal, Network and Validated Agent-Based Simulation Models of Complex Adaptive Systems.
[18] propose a new adaptive multi-agent model that includes the organisational forms into the economic models, or Wilkinson and Young [39] apply agent-based simulation models for identifying and modelling underlying mechanisms and processes in the marketing realm.
Niazi, Towards a novel unified framework for developing formal, network and validated agent-based simulation models of complex adaptive systems [Ph.D.
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