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Results of these experiments for twelve bulk specimens reveal mean aggregate impact value (13.71%-15.40%), optimum moisture content (4.3%-5.4%), soundness test (2.85%-2.93%), flakiness index (16.11%-19.09%), elongation index (11.12%-12.23%), los angeles abrasion value (23.93%-26.22%), specific gravity (2.63-2.72) and water absorption (0.62%-1.34%), which suggest that the values of the limestone aggregate are within specified limits of their respective standards.
The durability properties of RCA, which includes results from the aggregate crushing value, the aggregate impact value and the Los Angeles value tests were presented in Table 5.
Previous research also revealed that the strength of ALWA measured by Aggregate Impact value (AIV) greatly affects the mechanical properties of the resulting concrete [15].
For instance, one of these tests were Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) which is a measure of the resistance of aggregate to impact or sudden shock.
Physical property Original Original Crushed dura OPS tenera OPS dura OPS Maximum size (mm) 12.5 12.5 9.5 Specific gravity (saturated 1.28-1.33 1.15-1.22 1.30-1.37 surface dry) Compacted bulk 612-670 596-617 620-684 density (kg/[m.sup.3]) Water absorption (24 h) (%) 24.8 18.9 19.6 Aggregate impact value (%) 2.10 2.03 2.60 Physical property Crushed Crushed tenera OPS granite [23] Maximum size (mm) 9.5 -- Specific gravity (saturated 1.19-1.27 2.61 surface dry) Compacted bulk 608-624 1470 density (kg/[m.sup.3]) Water absorption (24 h) (%) 17.9 0.76 Aggregate impact value (%) 2.35 17.29 TABLE 3: Grading of OPS aggregates.
Test Method Value Standard requirement LA abrasion ASTM C131 24.5 Below 30% Aggregate impact value BS812: Part 3 11.31 Below 15% Aggregate crushing value BS812: Part 3 28.3 Below 30% Flakiness index BS812: Part 3 9.8 Below 20% Angularity number BS812: Part 3 8.40 Between 6 to 9 Elongation index BS812: Part 3 5.35 Below 20% Sand equivalent AASHTO T176 65 Above 45% Water absorption (coarse) ASTM C127-07 2.69 -- Water absorption (fines) ASTM C 128-07 4.28 -- Specific gravity (coarse) ASTM C 127-07 2.18 -- Specific gravity (fine) ASTM C 128-07 2.42 -- TABLE 2: Physical properties of granite.
Aggregate Impact Value (AIV): It is a relative measure of resistance to crushing of an aggregate when it is subjected to repetitive and impact loads and is calculated using Equation 1.
All the physico-mechanical properties of aggregates of the studied limestone (i-e., Specific gravity, Water absorption, Unit weight, Los Angles abrasion value, Clay lumps, Flakiness, Elongation, Aggregate crushing value, Aggregate impact value and Soundness) are generally in accordance with the American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM) for aggregates to be used in concrete.
The aggregate impact value (AIV) is a strength value of aggregate subjected to impact.
Each characteristic of coarse aggregate like specific gravity, bulk density, aggregate impact value and aggregate crushing value has certain influence on ultimate strength of concrete.
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