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A-MSDUAggregate MAC (Media Access Control) Service Data Unit (wireless computer networking)
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This eliminates the chance of group authentication failure at the core network which can otherwise be caused, in the existing group based schemes using aggregate MAC, by even a single corrupt MAC appearing in the aggregate authentication message.
(ii) Schemes use aggregation of messages where a selected group leader from among the MTCDs receives individual messages from all group members, aggregates them into a single message along with an aggregate signature or an aggregate MAC, and forwards the same to the core network.
The aggregate MAC approach for group authentication is a lightweight one, significantly reducing the signaling overhead at the access network level as compared to aggregate signature schemes.
(ii) Group based Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement phase, where the HSS authenticates all group members simultaneously from the aggregate MAC and the MTCDs authenticate the MME and HSS through a random challenge response protocol terminating with the derivation of unique shared secret keys between the MME and each MTCD.
On successful verification, it proceeds to compute the aggregate MAC (agg[MAC.sub.Gi.sup.k2]) and aggregate message (agg[M.sub.Gi.sup.k2]) for all Tier 1 elements under it.
In aggregate MAC, the MAC tags on different messages are aggregated and all individual messages must be available for the verification.
(1) We ingeniously integrate PH and aggregate MAC techniques along with data aggregation to provide both end-to-end data privacy and data integrity for data aggregation in WSNs.
Technically, aggregate MAC can be constructed from any standard message authentication code.
(3) Verification algorithm Vrfy: upon receiving a set of message/key pairs ([m.sub.i], [k.sub.i]), where i = 1, ..., l, and the corresponding aggregate MAC tag, algorithm Vrfy computes [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and outputs 1 denoting acceptance if and only if tag' = tag.
IEEE 802.11n makes a provision for two types of aggregation schemes: aggregate MAC service data unit (A-MSDU) and aggregate MAC protocol data unit (A-MPDU) [19].
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