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Tenders are invited for work includes subgrade preparation, grading, furnishing and placing aggregate subbase, asphaltic concrete and portland cement concrete paving, curb and gutter, sidewalk, drainage improvements, street lighting, traffic signals, signal interconnect; signing, pavement markings, landscaping, landscape irrigation, walls/fences, utility relocations, water main replacement, sanitary sewer pipeline extension, sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation, union pacific railroad improvements and coordination, srp consolidated canal improvements, erosion control, and other related incidental work.
CIR can be used to a depth of 13 to 15 centimeters (5 to 6 inches) but is not intended to go into the aggregate subbase. CIR also can incorporate aggregate to change the final materials gradation, resulting in a renewed, stronger base pavement than what was initially in place.
The reflection coefficient between concrete and aggregate subbase material often is less favorable because the concrete is composed of materials similar to the subbase.
Tenders are invited for the work included in this project consists of installing 4" aggregate subbase for a proposed playground and a perimeter 5" pcc sidewalk in nelson park.
Tenders are invited for work includes approx 53 cy trailway top course, stone dust; 2 cy crushed stone aggregate subbase course; 3 ea storm drainage inlet and piping, complete; 1 ls installation of sundial components, includes excavation, compaction, grading etc; 1 ls excavating and stockpile; 700 lf of erosion control measures (silt fence); 7 ea landscape plantings - 1 gallon shrub.
site construction consists ofearth excavation and embankment; topsoil; erosion control; storm sewers; sanitary sewers; domestic water mains; geotextile fabric; aggregate subbase; light poles, foundations, and fixtures;hot-mix asphalt surfacing; concrete pavement; concrete curb and/or gutter; concrete sidewalks;seeding; striping; and other miscellaneous work.
Tenders are invited for Removing manhole or catch basin, removing pavement surface, pavement butt joints, rock excavation, structural rock excavation, aggregate subbase course, hot mix asphalt, culvert pipe, 15" reinforced concrete pipe, 15", 18" and 24" culvert pipe, catch basin, altering catch basin to manholes, adjusting manhole, guardrail, seeding, pavement marking, air compressor, traffic signal loop detectors, construction signs, portable changeable message sign, 6", 8" and 12" ductile iron pipe, gate valve, 1" and 2" copper service, water service, 5,200 LF gas main trenching, construction sidewalk, seeding.
Work includes approx 980 CY common excavation; 2,250 CY granular borrow; 700 CY special fill; 250 CY aggregate subbase course -gravel; 25 TN HMA 12.5mm HMA surface; 60 TN HMA 12.5 mm base; 1 LS precast concrete box culvert; 15 CY plain riprap; 20 CY loam; 250 SF construction signs; 1 LS temporary soil erosion & water pollution control.
The Work is more specifically described as follows: Base Bid: The proposed Project Base Bid consists of approx 11,400 SY of nominal 12" Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavement on CTB base course, crushed aggregate subbase, all project clearing and grubbing, site excavation and grading for the entire site, and ancillary grading work, drainage and related utility support services.
1,030 LF 2" plastic pipe (scheduled 40); 1,200 LF 1" plastic pipe (schedule 40); 100 LF 8" corrugated high density polyethylene pipe conduit; 2,330 CY class 3 aggregate subbase; see attached file for the complete bid schedule.
930 tons of bituminous material, 4,445 SY of milling, 420 SY of base repair, 65 Tons PA 2A aggregate subbase and ADA curb ramp construction.
Includes 1,340 SY pavement butt joints; 20 CY aggregate subbase course gravel; 3,550 ton hot mix asphalt (shimming); 68 LF 36" reinforced concrete pipe class IV; 50 LF guardrail type 3D - single rail; 25 LF guardrail type 3D - 15 foot radius and less.
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