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Let's take a look at how road rage can impact auto insurance, review the driving behaviors that lead to problems and learn tips for dealing with aggressive driving and road rage.
Statistics compiled from the NHTSA and the AutoVantage auto club illustrate that aggressive driving and road rage are causing serious problems on our roads.
While our data illustrated tendencies toward aggressive driving and road rage, our findings differed in that data also revealed nonaggressive driving behaviors related to anxiety or stress.
12 -- Aggressive driving and road rage can result in severe injury and fatal accidents.
Some argue that the key distinction between aggressive driving and road rage parallels the instrumental-affective aggression dichotomy (Miles & Johnson, 2003) and there is clear merit in this idea.
And aggressive driving and road rage is rising, according to the survey carried out by EOS Gallup Europe.
As the interview progressed, the focus was narrowed to the topic of aggressive driving and road rage, and interviewees were invited to recount their experiences of feeling angry or aggressive while driving and of road rage (if any).
Aggressive driving and road rage: Dealing with emotionally impaired drivers.
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