AGLOArchdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach (Chicago, IL)
AGLOAlliance of Genuine Labor Organizations (Philippines)
AGLOAssistant Gunfire Liaison Officer
AGLOAction for Gay and Lesbian Ordination (UK)
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Nick Elman, Aglo spokesperson, said the firearms and explosives were 'planted evidence.
A interacao das empresas locais com instituicoes de apoio pode tornar a agregar valor a marca das empresas aglo outros agentes.
Under one of the terms of the agreement, according to Bello, DLTB workers belonging to Aglo agreed to lift the strike immediately while management would accept all those who took part in the strike.
Narciso Morales, DLTB owner, had said in a phone interview that the feud was really between Aglo and Philippine Trade and General Workers' Organization (PTGWO) which are fighting to represent the workers.
In 2015, DLTB signed a five-year collective bargaining agreement with PTGWO but some workers, later in 2016, decided to form a new union allied with Aglo.
Ayos lang kahit magkasira-sira pa 'yan, huwag lang nilang sunugin (It's OK if they cause damage on the buses, just don't burn them),' Gabriel said, referring to the five buses inside the DLTB terminal in Lemery, Batangas, which were allegedly burned by Aglo union members.
Foncadas said part of the agreement between Aglo and DLTB management was the 'voluntary' lifting of the picket line.
Olayvar said the strike was illegal because Aglo was not the union honored by DLTB's collective bargaining agreement, but rather PTWGO.
He added Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III himself ordered Aglo members to cease from conducting the strike.
Olaybar said the Department of Labor and Employment on Wednesday issued an order saying the strike was illegal, 'but Aglo refused to accept that order.
The Inquirer tried to seek comments from Aglo representative Eduardo Laurencio but he could not be reached through his mobile phone on Friday.
The word "Nostalgia" roots in two Greek words: nosto and nost which means hometown and coming back home and aglia, aglos or log which means suffering, desires and regrets.