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AGNEAssociated Grocers of New England
AGNEAcidos Grasos No Esterificados (Spanish: Nonesterified Fatty Acids)
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On the day of the marriage Agnes Lockwood sat alone in the little drawing-room of her London lodgings, burning the letters which had been written to her by Montbarry in the bygone time.
The nurse hobbled after him to the head of the stairs: she had not forgotten the time when the younger brother had been the unsuccessful rival of the elder for the hand of Agnes.
Left alone for a few moments, Agnes took a turn in the room, trying to compose herself.
They were Agnes la Herme, Jehanne de la Tarme, Henriette la Gaultière, Gauchère la Violette, all four widows, all four dames of the Chapel Etienne Haudry, who had quitted their house with the permission of their mistress, and in conformity with the statutes of Pierre d'Ailly, in order to come and hear the sermon.
said Agnes to Gauchère, gazing at the little creature exposed, which was screaming and writhing on the wooden bed, terrified by so many glances.
I'm not learned in the matter of children," resumed Agnes, "but it must be a sin to look at this one.
I went to Canterbury first, that I might take leave of Agnes and Mr.
Everyone who knows you, consults with you, and is guided by you, Agnes.
You talk,' said Agnes, breaking into a pleasant laugh, as she sat at work, 'as if I were the late Miss Larkins.
Well, Agnes, you must not take such long walks again before breakfast,' said my mother, observing that I drank an extra cup of coffee and ate nothing--pleading the heat of the weather, and the fatigue of my long walk as an excuse.
But why did you sit back there, Agnes,' she added, 'and talk so little?
I'm afraid I've been walking too fast for you, Agnes,' said he: