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For example, in June 2010, there were severe floods in Accra, Agona District and certain parts of Northern Ghana (for example Buipe) due to intense rainfall, poor drainage systems and the spilling of water from the Bagre dam in Burkina Faso and Akosombo dam in Ghana.
Finalmente, de enero a agosto de 2011, en 25 estados de los Estados Unidos se detectaron 106 casos de salmonelosis por el consumo de papaya de origen mexicano contaminada por Salmonella agona (FDA, 2012).
Accordingly, households from Areto (kushets: Endabashelema, Mielate, Quien, and Shiguala); Rubafeleg (Kushets: Afenjiwo, Agewo, Debreselam, and Hintalo); Siye (Kushets: Gomenge, Hidmo, Teklemekerna); and Tsenkanet (kushets: Agona, Awelo, Berikaziban, Mongolhats) were interviewed using structured questionnaire.
Las principales serovariedades aisladas globalmente para 1995 incluyeron Enteritidis, Typhimurium, Hadar, Infantis, Newport, Typhi, Agona, Virchow y Heidelberg.
Working with the CDC, and state health and regulatory officials, the FDA investigated an outbreak of more than 100 cases of Salmonella Agona in 23 U.
18 are: Agona Hardison, of Lunenburg; Daniel and Faith Senie, of Bolton; David Jenson, of Clinton; Elizabeth Lorrey of Pepperell; and The Rafters, from Ayer.
The incidence of infections with specific Salmonella serotypes in 2009, compared with 1996-1998, was lower for Typhimurium (51% decrease, CI = 44%-56%), Agona (48% decrease, CI = 26%-63%), Heidelberg (33% decrease, CI = 13%-48%), and Thompson (33% decrease, CI = 2%-55%), and higher for Javiana (120% increase, CI = 44% 235%), Newport (64% increase, CI = 27%-113%), Oranienburg (39% increase, CI = 2%-90%), and Enteritidis (32% increase, CI = 8%-61%).
Os sorovares Agona, Albany, Branderup, Heidelberg, Pomona, Saintpaul e Salmonella enterica subespecie enterica O:9;12:1 foram isolados somente de alimentos e representaram 6,2% destes isolados.
In January 2010, the Agona Swedru Circuit Court convicted a Ghanaian woman for enslaving two boys, ages six and eight, from the Central Region to fish on Lake Volta.