AGOPAssociazione Genitori Oncologia Pediatrica (Italian: Parents Association of Pediatric Oncology)
AGOPAngling Guide Operating Plan (Canada)
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En Archivo General de la Orden de Predicadores, Roma, AGOP, XIII - 016045, f.
The Cairo Biennale, about to be inaugurated, is promising to offer a great selection of artwork, with Egypt being represented by George Fikry and Armen Agop.
Meanwhile Al Saqi's fiction list includes an Armenian novel by Agop Hacikyan, a newly translated tale from the Algerian Tahir Wattar, and searing prison poems by a young Nigerian, Chris Abani.
There I was, notebook at the ready, agape, agop and awed, willing, able and indeed eager to sit at the well-shod feet of Mrs Helen Liddell to discover how she - someone who modestly describes herself as just a "wee Lanarkshire wifie", - manages to juggle life as Minister, mother and Donald Dewar's minder.
Separately, Hariri received the President of the international committee of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar) Sergio Nahabedian in the presence of the president of the Lebanese Chapter of the party, Avedis Dakessian and former MP Agop Kassarjian.
Murr received a delegation from the party including its central committee chief Hovig Makhtirian, MP Agop Pakradounian and member of the central committee Mardik Bogossian.
We also refer to [14-16] for probabalistic aspects of quantum mechanics and entropy and recommend a number of papers of Agop et al (cf.
The family of Hrant Dink, the editor-in-chief of Agop weekly newspaper who was murdered, won the case they opened at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
Agop owned and operated the former Lynn Shoe Repair on Main Street in Worcester for 20 years, before retiring.