AGOPAssociazione Genitori Oncologia Pediatrica (Italian: Parents Association of Pediatric Oncology)
AGOPAngling Guide Operating Plan (Canada)
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Agop, Differentiability and Fractality in Dynamics of Physical Systems, World Scientific, Singapore, 2016.
In the model, Agricultural Output in million rupees (AGOP) which is the dependent variable and Total Credit Disbursed by Formal Sources in million rupees (TCRD) which is independent variable, the following specified model was used:
Agop et al., "Experimental and theoretical aspects of aluminum expanding laser plasma," Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
(31.) Agop is a common Armenian name, this time used as a derogatory term stereotyping the Armenian community.
Meanwhile Al Saqi's fiction list includes an Armenian novel by Agop Hacikyan, a newly translated tale from the Algerian Tahir Wattar, and searing prison poems by a young Nigerian, Chris Abani.
There I was, notebook at the ready, agape, agop and awed, willing, able and indeed eager to sit at the well-shod feet of Mrs Helen Liddell to discover how she - someone who modestly describes herself as just a "wee Lanarkshire wifie", - manages to juggle life as Minister, mother and Donald Dewar's minder.
Also, President Aoun discussed similar issues with the Secretary General of Tashnag Party, MP Agop Pakradounian.
The analysis of the Toda network (Agop, Gavriluk Crumpei, Craus and Birleanu [1]), with its fractal, but also structural-functional specific, allows for modelling the neuronal network, under two components: a structural, corpuscular one, and a functional, spectral one.
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