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AWTAAustralian Wool Testing Authority
AWTAAmerican Working Terrier Association
AWTAAnacostia Watershed Toxics Alliance
AWTAAlabama World Trade Association
AWTAAssociation of Wisconsin Tourism Attractions
AWTAAuthentic Wing Tsun Academy (martial arts)
AWTAAshland Woodlands & Trails Association
AWTAAir-Warrior Training Academy
AWTAActiveWorlds Travel Agency
AWTAAgree with the Above
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4) If, as high authority within the athletic department has informed me, coaches and assistants in some sports agree with the above three points, it would be beneficial for the athletic director and the president to respect and follow the voice of coaches who are keen on furthering the academic side of their sports program.
Do the social partners agree with the above analysis [of the Commission] on the issue of cross-border transfers?
Strangely enough, even though I agree with the above, it gets my hackles rising.
I cannot agree with the above analysis and agenda in good conscience.
BRIDGING THE GAPYOU may or may not agree with the above selection with 1995 the All-Ireland winners just piping their counterparts from today.
Many lawyers today would agree with the above statement.
And thus, an invitation: Do you agree with the above approach?
It would be much more beneficial for communities in the long run Matt Washbourne I agree with the above comment x Sarah Elizabeth Ticket scare ahead of Rugby League World Cup match at Huddersfield''s John Smith''s Stadium Yes I emailed as hadn''t received mine.
Question: now if you agree with the above and extend it to other material possessions that could last for years such as your car, your shades, your briefcase/handbag then how long do you think you should keep the same interior in your home?