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ADPSAutomatic Distributed Partitioning System
ADPSAutomatic Data Processing System
ADPSAutomated Data Processing System
ADPSAgricultural Development Project
ADPSAcceptance Data Package System (NASA)
ADPSAssistant Dean for Public Services (various schools)
ADPSASARS Data Processing Station
ADPSAcid Deposition Planning Staff
ADPSASARS Deployable Processing System
ADPSAzimuth-Delay Power Spectra
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agricultural development project in Senegal and two hospitals; one in the
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) with support from USAID, is funding the women's empowerment project as part of an ongoing three year agricultural development project entitled Assistance to Agriculture Development in Balochistan Border Areas (ABBA) which is being implemented by WESS since January 2009.
According to Olumo (1998) there were 133 Extension Agents (EA) and Block Extension Agents (BEA) in Kogi State Agricultural Development Project (KADP) who carried extension messages to the farmers.
Sana a, 09 Sept: Yemen s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and Swiss consulting firm met in Sana a for consultancy agreement on the agricultural development project to be implemented in Hadhramout coastal area at a cost of $ 30 million loan from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.
Rhykerd) was involved in an Andrew Mellon Foundation-supported agricultural development project in Poland during the early to mid-nineties.
But when you ask any African about his or her goals, the response is not usually: "My goal is to feed myself and family through a DANIDA-funded agricultural development project, or I would like myself and my family's primary health care to be provided by CIDA." No.
Production and marketing of fruit and vegetables in Lebanon is to receive a boost from the EU over the next three years in the context of a Euro 12 million agricultural development project, supported through the MEDA programme and launched on December 21 by Lebanon's Agriculture Minister Elias Skaff, and the head of the European Commission's Delegation in Beirut, Patrick Renauld.
She revealed the results of a probe that was conducted after a Japanese Communist Party lawmaker showed a government document in the Diet last week indicating Suzuki pressured the agency not to conduct surveys for the agricultural development project east of Nopporo district in Ebetsu, near Sapporo.
Agricultural Bulletin 5: 1-40 (Published by MOFA under the Ghanaian/German Agricultural Development Project, Northern Region, Tamale.)
As one example, consider the Gambia Agricultural Development Project. Preproject net annual farm income was reported at $653; after project completion, it had only risen to $668, and 4 years later the figure was $269.
(TAP) - The House of People's Representatives (HPR), on Wednesday, passed a credit agreement signed on December 13, 2018 between the Saudi Development Fund and Tunisia to fund the Integrated Agricultural Development project in Joumine, Ghezala and Sejnane (third tranche) worth 73.5 million dinars (MD).
The ARDS boss, who was represented by the Acting Director, Agricultural Development Project (ADP), Mr Musa Doma, said the exercise was conceived to pave way for AADS smooth implementation and greater participation.
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