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ALRAAcademy of Live and Recorded Arts (UK)
ALRAAmerican Land Rights Association (Battle Ground, WA)
ALRAAgricultural Labor Relations Act (est. 1975; California)
ALRAAbortion Law Reform Association (UK advocacy organization)
ALRAAssociation for the Legal Right to Abortion (Australia)
ALRAArchitectural-Level Risk Assessment
ALRAAboriginal Land Rights Act of 1983 (Australia)
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Delano, Calif.--Declaring that "there is nothing more frustrating than a good law badly administered," religious leaders came from 17 states to investigate alleged violations of California's new Agricultural Labor Relations Act. They told Gov.
Bruns, a historian and author, describes the Agricultural Labor Relations Act of 1975, boycotts, community organizing, fasts, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the Oxnard organizing campaign, the Salad Bowl Strike, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the United Farm Workers, and the involvement of individuals such as Robert Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, George Meany, and Dolores Huerta.
In 1975, Chavez's union won enactment of the nation's first Agricultural Labor Relations Act. To this day, the measure provides farm workers in California with far greater protection than they receive in other parts of the United States.
In California, agricultural workers can organize under the California Agricultural Labor Relations Act. In recent years, "card check" legislation amending their state law has passed the state legislature, but has been vetoed by the governor.
The laws she has supported include: a 1960 bill to allow people to take the California driver's examination in Spanish, a 1961 legislation repealing the Bracero Program, a 1963 legislation to extend Aid to Families with Dependent Children to California farm workers and The 1973 Agricultural Labor Relations Act.
The dividend reaped by this pacifist-legalist policy was California's Agricultural Labor Relations Act [ALRA], signed by California governor Jerry Brown in 1975.
This year Americans also honor and reflect on the 30th anniversary of the Agricultural Labor Relations Act, which provided farm workers with the right to organize in California, as well as the 40th anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike, which catapulted Cesar Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement onto the national scene.
That boycott ended in 1978, after the UFW won a string of union elections held under California's then-new Agricultural Labor Relations Act.
Jerry Brown in 1975--the year Brown's Agricultural Labor Relations Act first gave farmworkers the opportunity to organize and bargain with growers.
Thousands of farm workers have voted for the UFW in elections supervised by the state of California under its Agricultural Labor Relations Act. That balloting has produced many union contracts that improve working and living conditions.
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