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Under King Otho the revenues of the State were five millions of dollars--raised from a tax of one-tenth of all the agricultural products of the land (which tenth the farmer had to bring to the royal granaries on pack-mules any distance not exceeding six leagues) and from extravagant taxes on trade and commerce.
His father, John Shakspere, who was a general dealer in agricultural products and other commodities, was one of the chief citizens of the village, and during his son's childhood was chosen an alderman and shortly after mayor, as we should call it.
Prices for agricultural products produced by almost 50 farmers from 15 regions of the country are significantly lower than market prices.
Farmers can obtain certificates by checking agricultural products. In addition, products imported from China will be checked," said the head of the regional department of the state plant quarantine inspection Asanbek Maksut uulu.
According to manager Farukh Isaev, the logistics center was built with the aim of developing the export of agricultural products.
He said another key area for growth was the deep-processing of agricultural products, which could bring enormous economic benefits.
"The country plans to negotiate with Israel, Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, Japan, South Korea and the European countries on export of agricultural products," Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Saparkhan Omarov said during the meeting with the population.
READ: President Duterte issues Executive Order 82 modifying the nomenclature and rates of import duty on certain agricultural products under Section 1161 of Republic Act 10863 or the Customs Modernization and Tarrif Act.
'We will continue to further examine Cambodia's proposal to export more agricultural products to our market,' she said.
'All studies confirm that trade brokers take 75 per cent of the profits of agricultural products but farmers get the lowest percentage of these profits.'
Japan was the top buyer of Philippine agricultural products, such as fruits, nuts and fish.
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