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(2002) reported that planning and review, programme activities, use of resources, information, and training are the key linkage mechanisms to perform the diverse activities in agricultural extension work.
He further said that his office will continue to encourage various developments in the agricultural sector, for example integrating the agricultural landscapes, building an agro market, and developing the Agricultural Extension Agency (BPP) in each district.
Unfortunately, rural extension was weakened by the well-intentioned Local Government Code of 1991 which devolved agricultural extension to the local government units (LGUs).
In developed countries, agricultural extension has largely been institutionalized, top down, and focused on delivering specific, often commodity-based, technical advice to farmers about practice adoption for increased production and profitability.
Many farmers hesitate to use mobile based agricultural extension services for a variety of reasons.
Indeed the need is to give priority to conduct formative evaluation in agricultural extension programs to pinpoint the weaknesses and to take necessary measures before all the resources and public money consumed.
Agricultural Extension, therefore, has an important role to play in this changing scenario of agriculture, business and policy.
Director Sindh Agricultural Extension Department, Dr Shoukat Abro told that USDA initiated the projects of improving soil fertility and soil health through agricultural extension.
In a statement Director Sindh Agricultural Extension Department, Dr.
Accordingly, several theories have been proposed regarding the restructuring of agricultural extension. The same concepts, strategies and policies such as "privatization", "commercialization", "economic sustainability" and "cost reduction" as one of the major issues in academic and policy circles has been promoting in the international scale.
A strategy for the development and modernisation of agriculture includes projects to optimise the use of water, develop methods of irrigation, reduce losses, restructure and modernise the agricultural extension system and use new and renewable energy, the minister said.
PESHAWAR -- According to media reports, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) in its meeting held under the Chairmanship of Federal minister for Planning & Development, inter-alia, approved capacity development of agricultural extension services in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.
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