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AGRIPAccessible Gaming Rendering Independence Possible
AGRIPAnopheles Genetic Resource Information Project
AGRIPAssociation of Government Representatives and Independent Politicians
AGRIPAdvanced Gripping Removable Interface Product (Brooks Tactical Systems)
AGRIPAssociation of Governmental Risk Pools (Prague, OK, USA)
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17) In fact, the saga is so much more extensive than older kings' sagas that if the narrative of the brief Agrip constitutes the essence of a kings' saga, Morkinskinna is a collection of digressions
AGRIP is scuff resistant and holds up well to the elements, solvents and oils.
Obama is expected to appoint a new treasury secretary within days as he moves quickly to get agrip of the economic crisis.
However, at the same time, you also have to make it clear that, unless he gets agrip, he is putting the marriage at risk.