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Other varieties which yielded satisfactory yield (about 3.5 q/ha) were Kanak and Nirmala which could also be profitably cultivated in this agro-climatic zone. Very low genetic advance observed for dry biomass and seed yield shows that expression of both the characters is highly influenced by environment.
These estimates pertain to the rural sector for the country as a whole, in each province and agro-climatic zone within each.
For the purposes of the present study, the country was divided into eight agro-climatic zones and one tehsil representing each zone was chosen randomly from the data set.
(1) Since official data are published on a district basis, it is necessary to confine the breakdown of agro-climatic zones to district boundaries.
The formula also includes indicators of agro-climatic zones of Pakistan.
PCRWR determined crop coefficients (Kc) for different crops in different agro-climatic zones of Pakistan,' an official told reporter.
Globally, there are different agro-climatic zones and the need for the mulching material will vary from country to country.
At present, 17 designs are available for diverse communities within various agro-climatic zones. Bhungroo can be erected at the local level and does not require factory operations.
India is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity, having 15 agro-climatic zones. Out of the 17,000-18,000 species of flowering plants, more than 7,000 are estimated to have medicinal usage in folk and documented systems of medicine.
The province has four agro-climatic zones: the coast, desert, plains and upland.
and samples were collected from four locations representing two different agro-climatic zones of Himachal Pradesh during 2012.
A paper by the SPDC estimated rural poverty rates to be between 45% and 36% in the cotton/wheat and rice/other agro-climatic zones. Similarly a low calorie (2,490) intake was observed in Sindh, compared to that in Punjab (2,636); even KP and Balochistan (2,700) had higher calorie intakes.