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UN FAO along with representatives of various departments and specialists from different countries discuss within 3 days the gaps and opportunities of agroecology for expanding the scope of activities for converting agricultural production and food systems into agroecological food systems.
According to a joint statement by the CSOs, 'We, Civil Society Organizations promoting agroecology, young environmental movements, Activista (movement of young activist), women farmers movement, acknowledge that the theme for the event, 'Climate Action in Africa: A race we can win' is appropriate to the extent that African governments pay attention to the most appropriate and urgent climate actions.
"Through agroecology, FAO seeks to optimize the interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment.
She concluded that agroecology, based on both ancestral knowledge and scientific research, is the only answer to save the lives of farmworkers and the future of humanity.
The total of 31 PAs were categorized into three agroecological categories as highland, midland, and lowland; then, from each agroecology, three PAs were selected conveniently based on accessibility, availability of infrastructure, and number of cattle population.
In farmers' fields, this global movement takes the form of agroecology: the science and practice of sustainable agriculture.
We evidence this argument by analyzing the Brazilian Landless Workers' Movement's (MST) Jornada de Agroecology (agroecological journey), which is a social movement meeting.
Some of the information presented here, including less-publicized climate-change solutions like dark earth and agroecology, may make this book a valuable discovery resource.
Agroecology is a contemporary approach inserted in the construction of public policies that are concerned with rural development, food sovereignty, and the human right to adequate food (DHAA, in Portuguese).
They range from efficient practices used in agroecology and those outlined in the Climate-Smart Agriculture and Save and Grow approaches of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to techniques such as the broader use of nitrogen-fixing cover crops and methods to cut methane emissions involved in growing rice or raising livestock.
The report suggests that the best case scenario for these farms and farming communities would be for climate changes to arrive at a slow enough rate so that agriculture services can adapt with diversified crops and other methods to make food production more sustainable like agroecology and farming with the natural habitat.