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AGTAAmerican Gem Trade Association
AGTAAustralian Geography Teachers' Association (Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia)
AGTAAirport Ground Transportation Association
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Before it docked at Pier 1, BRP Agta passed by Barangay Pasil areas where thousands of devotees waited and waived their hands to the Child Jesus.
Natural resources like this are key to the Agta way of life, with the nomads being especially skilled at weaving and plaiting.
Northeast coast: Dupaningan Agta, Casiguran and Umirey Dumagat, Paranan, Manide (Robinson 2011, Lobel 2010, Robinson and Lobel 2013)
The climbing Agta and Twa were found to have significantly longer muscle fibers.
ANP Leaders Akber Khan Mandokhail, Abdul Rashid Sial, Muhammad Anwer Mandokhail, Sheikh Malik Zmarak Mandokhail, PML (Q) Leaders Abdul Sattar Kakar, Hamid Khan Mandokhail, PML-N Leader Mutha Khan Kakar, JUI-F Leaders Maulana Shams ud Din, Maulana Ishaq Shah Sherani, President GTA Muhammad Shafiq Mandokhail, President AGTA Assadullah Mardanzai, DSP Amanullah Mandokhail, DSP Shakir, Sheikh Jahanzeb Mandokhail, Lal Gul Kakar, Dr.
On the sidelines of the AGTA Tucson Gem Show earlier this month at the Marriott University Park Hotel Tucson, Arizona, Harebottle was presented with the "Gem Mining Company of the Year" award by the Indian Diamond & Colorstone Association (IDCA), a not-for-profit association based in New York.
95% in Agta Record at EUR25 p/s(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Changes to the MHA were considered as the AGTA was developed, so the two pieces of legislation are compatible.
The species is "new to us," Brown clarifies, because the Agta and Ilongot peoples living in the Sierra Madre mountain range know the lizard well--as a delicacy.
The collection includes a fine, untreated, 10-carat Sri Lanka ruby, certified by AGTA (by Pala's old webmaster and still good friend Dick Hughes).
In a typical puzzle, a student might be asked to decipher a cuneiform writing system or to use logic to translate English words into the Central Cagayan Agta language of the Philippines.