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AHABAll Hazard Alert Broadcast
AHABArts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder (Colorado)
AHABAlumnae Hall Advisory Board (Brown University; Providence, RI)
AHABAria High Altitude Balloon
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9bn lawsuit against AHAB at the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution.
Moby-Dick only protagonist Ahab is driven by the lust for power, and his
Stephen Jenkins of Arab Banking Corporation, a member of the Steering Committee, stated, "By signing the settlement support agreement with AHAB, the five financial institutions that comprise the Claimant Steering Committee have committed themselves to support the deal on the agreed terms.
The process for resolving claims against AHAB was accelerated recently with the appointment of a three-judge Joint Directorate of Enforcement at the General Court in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia (JDEK), which is authorized to address claims against AHAB.
A mesma brancura que, dado o seu significado instavel, desperta apreensoes na alma dos marinheiros que com ela se deparam, invade Ahab de modo tao integral que passa a ser parte constitutiva do seu corpo.
However, AHAB claims it is the victim of an elaborate fraud and 13 former bank officials are currently standing trial in Bahrain's High Criminal Court on charges of corruption.
Ahab are still relatively unknown up in this neck of the woods despite having one Callum Adamson as frontman, son of the late Stuart (The Skids/Big Country) so I wanted a band who would complement them and also bring an audience along.
Among the historical figures that may have been in Melville's mind when creating Ahab, the following are essential: Alexander the Great: the quest for absolute domination and immortality; Napoleon: the strict dictatorship.
Ishmael soon learns that Ahab has one purpose on this voyage: to seek out Moby Dick, a ferocious, enigmatic white sperm whale.
For viewers accustomed to the pacing of Puccini's Tigaridot or Britten's Billy Budd and Peter Grimes, the opera unfolds quite naturally It builds to a shattering climax that is reinforced by one of its best scenes--an extended duet in which the Captain and Starbuck appear to reach an understanding almost before Ahab then sights Moby Dick.
Both Ahab and Lawrence are maimed, pathological and yet charismatic leaders, fascinated with death, compelled by a monomaniacal and almost impossible quest, and able to impose their will of a mass of hardened followers.
1 Shakespeare Street, on Tuesday as part of the town's Music Festival while the widely recommended young alt-country band ahab performs at Cox's Yard.