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AOTAttack on Titan (gaming)
AOTAs Opposed To
AOTAmong Other Things
AOTArmy of Two (game)
AOTArk of Truth (Stargate movie)
AOTAccredited Online Training (Australia)
AOTAcademy of Technology (various organizations)
AOTArt of Trolling
AOTAlways on Top
AOTAgency of Transportation (Vermont, USA)
AOTAssisted Outpatient Treatment
AOTArea of Transfer
AOTAerosol Optical Thickness
AOTAlways on Time
AOTArmy of Tennessee (American Civil War)
AOTArrived on Time
AOTAssignment of Trade (finance)
AOTArizona Office of Tourism
AOTApplication Binary Object Template
AOTAtm over Tdm
AOTAll of Them (band)
AOTAutomatic Overdrive Transmission (vehicles)
AOTAdministrative Office Technology (various schools)
AOTApplication Object Tree (MBS Axapta)
AOTAirports of Thailand Plc
AOTApplication Object Template (file extension for Novell snAppShot Application Binary Object Template file)
AOTAutorisation d'Occupation Temporaire (French: Temporary Occupation Permit)
AOTAmerican Opera Theater
AOTAdvanced Officer Training (various locations)
AOTAll One Tribe (drum company)
AOTAdvanced Oxidation Technology
AOTAssignment Oriented Training (US Army)
AOTTransport Oiler
AOTAverage Operating Time
AOTArdennen Orientatie Tocht (Dutch: Ardennes Orientation Tour)
AOTAssociation of Orthopaedic Technicians (UK)
AOTAll Occasion Transportation (Rhode Island)
AOTAdvanced Optical Technology Ltd. (UK)
AOTAlpha Omega Theta (fraternity)
AOTAct of Terrorism
AOTArt Of Technology
AOTAll Operators Telex (aviation)
AOTAngle Off Tail
AOTAlberta Oil Tool (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
AOTAccelerator Operations and Technology (US DOE)
AOTAge of Mythology: the Titans Expansion (PC game)
AOTAmsterdam Options Traders (Netherlands)
AOTAtlas Orthogonal Technique (chiropractic technique; also seen as AO)
AOTAngle-Only Tracking
AOTAerosol Open Test
AOTAction Outage Time
AOTAspect Oriented Thinking
AOTAdjustment of Terms (finance)
AOTAllowed Off Time
AOTAviation Ordnanceman Turrets (US Navy rank)
AOTAngels Of Truth (Kappa Delta)
AOTAssociates in Occupational Technology
AOTActual Operating Time
AOTAbsolutely Off Topic (newsgroups)
AOTAcquisition of Turnover (finance)
AOTAustrian Oil Technology
AOTAirborne Operations Technician
AOTArchitecture of Transmission (software)
AOTAll Out Throttle (Ohio)
AOTAerosol OT or Sodium Bis (2-Ethylhexyl) Sulfosuccinate
AOTApples of Trees (band)
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TowerJ is the only independent J2SE certified ahead-of-time compiler with the capability to pre-compile Java bytecode into optimized platform-specific native code.
Second, because Aphelion supports space-optimization and ahead-of-time compiling of bytecodes, we have greater assurance that applications targeted for a given platform will perform as required.
Kada Ahead-of-Time Compiler: The Kada Ahead-of-Time compiler (AOT) increases the speed and responsiveness of Java applications deployed on handheld devices.
In addition to offering a variety of development options-traditional ahead-of-time compilation as well as just-in-time compilation and Java standard interpreted mode-the Development Kit enables developers to create applications on a workstation or on an RTOS system-level simulator for subsequent seamless porting to a target platform.
For example, it includes an ahead-of-time optimizer that can create compact bytecode zip files of entire deployment-ready Java applications.
In addition to low latency and real-time control offered by its patented memory management techniques, PERC gives developers the ability to debug Ahead-of-Time compiled code, an necessity in the telecomm arena where dial-tone reliability is a must.