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AHOMAmerican Homepatient
AHOMAdult Human Oral Mucosa (antigen)
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AHOM is rare in neonates but can occur as a complication in critically ill newborns (13).
The Ahoms, former ruling elites, also used history to claire a new social status.
The term Tai designates particular Thai peoples whose dialects have undergone the change of PT plosive [*d] to [t], as in "Tai Deng (society)," "Tai Mu'o'ng (dialect)," "the Tai Ahom (sovereigns).
These official records were kept in Ahom archives, most of which were lost or destroyed by natural forces or in wars.
Phukan also said that the old Ahom kingdom of Assam had worked on some points that can be used in present times to augment better relations with the Nagas.
Tenders are invited for As_23_318 Construction Of Road From Da Pather Ahom Majgaon To Chengeligaon (Vr88) Including Cd Works And Routine Maintenance For 5 Years
Jorhat (Assam), July 28 (ANI): All Tai Ahom Student Union (ATASU), a student's wing in Jorhat, Assam staged a peaceful sit-in protest, against the influx of Bangladeshi immigrants in the region.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Of Garden At Ahom Palace, Gargaon, Shivsagar, Assam
The Government has set up a Committee headed by Shri Mahesh Kumar Singla, Special Secretary (Internal Security), Ministry of Home Affairs to recommend the modalities for granting of Scheduled Tribe status to six Communities namely Koch Rajbongshi, Moran, Matak, Tai Ahom, Chutia and Adivasi (Tea Tribes) in Assam.
Tenders are invited for sr (plan) to documentation of 360 at ahom rajas palace at gargaon, sivasagar, assam
Tens and thousands of villagers of Tai Ahom community greeted princess.
Tenders are invited for Conservation Of Ahom Monument,Ranghar Pavilion, Jaysagar, Sivasagar, Assam