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ANArmy Navy (hydraulic or pneumatic fitting used in the aerospace industry)
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ANArmy Nurse Corps
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ANAlleanza Nazionale (Italian: National Alliance, right-wing political party)
ANAuftragnehmer (German: contractor)
ANAcanthosis Nigricans (skin disorder)
ANAlianza Nacional (National Alliance, Guatemala)
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ANAssemblé Nationale (French Parliament)
ANNet Laying Ship (US Navy)
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ANAhmadi Nezhad (Iran)
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ANAnalog Nonsecure (US DoD)
ANAldo Nero (Spanish, shoes and leather good maker)
ANArmy Interoperability Network
ANAcronym Namespace (humor)
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2nd grade: Logan Ahonen, Logan Gorniack, Jayliana Hamm, Riane Marcial, Rocco Mertens, and Jayden Olson.
Ahonen is former theological secretary of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, and adjunct professor of Missiology (Dozent) at the University of Helsinki.
Mantyselka P, Kumpusalo E, Ahonen R, Kumpusalo A, Kauhanen J, Viinamaki H, et al.
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Historically, much research on ADHD has focused on the academic impact of behavioral symptoms such as reading (Benezra & Douglas, 1988; Bremer & Stern, 1976; Doublas & Benezra, 1990; Dykman & Ackerman, 1992; Felton, Wood, Brown, Campbell, & Harter, 1987; Levy & Hobbes, 1989; McGee, Williams, Moffitt, & Anderson, 1989; Narhi & Ahonen, 1995; Pennington, Grossier, & Welsh, 1993) and mathematics (Ackerman, Anhalt, & Dykman, 1986; Zentall & Smith, 1993).
Research has shown that VAT can decrease tremor and rigidity, and significantly improve step length and speed in the upper limbs (King, Almeida, & Ahonen, 2009).
One possible consequence of such contribution experiences is that it will make people think they have influence on others (Antikainen, Makipaa, & Ahonen, 2010).
Face recognition based on LBP was pioneered by Ahonen et al.
Based on the evidence supplied by Andersson and Helena Ahonen, animated film is among the most effective, and potentially amusing, means to dismantle the cult of personality.
Ahonen, Nebot y Gimenez (2007) hallan en adolescentes espanoles una asociacion significativa entre consumo diario de tabaco y otros estados de animo negativos.
Otros investigadores han introducido interesantes modelos de prediccion de navegacion en movilidad asociados a la variable tiempo y ubicacion (Halvey, 2005) o los interesantes analisis y proyecciones sobre la industria movil de Ahonen (2008, 2010, 2014) o las opciones de publicacion para tabletas analizadas por Haeger (2011).