AHRNAutomated Housing Referral Network (US DoD)
AHRNAsian Harm Reduction Network
AHRNArabian Horse Rescue Network (California)
AHRNArctic Health Research Network (Canada)
AHRNAchter Het RTL (Radio Télévision Luxembourg) Nieuws (Dutch: RTL Behind the News; Netherlands)
AHRNAssociation Historique des Routes du Nord (French: Historical Association of Northern Highways)
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CNS and AHRN are partners promoting harm reduction approaches in the region.
2004; AHRN, 2005; Warburton, Turnbull & Hough, 2005; Johnston, O'Malley & Bachman, 2003).
Because the South Tyrol is German-speaking (having been taken by Italy from Hapsburg Austria only in 1918), the Valle Aurina is more often called by its German name, the Ahrntal: this is the valley of the little Ahrn River, which flows south from Dreiherrn peak where the very northernmost point of Italy meets Austria.