AHTOAdult Human Trabecular Osteoblastic (cell type)
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Broad-based and targeted public health measures that consider AHTO risk factors are needed to reduce alcohol's secondhand harms".
In addition, the emerging perspective of AHTO may eventually suggest approaches for preventing or reducing binge drinking linked to gender-related harm, such as IPV and adverse fetal alcohol effects.
On any other day, Antti Rajaniemi, the 37-year-old captain of Finnish icebreaker 'Ahto', would be clearing the way in the country's northern ports, where even the largest vessels can get trapped within hours.
Ahto M., Raimo I., Puolijokis H., Vahlberg T., & Kivela S.
(28.) Hardly anything else frustrated the soldiers as much as problems in mail delivery; Sampo Ahto, Talvisodan henki: Mielialoja Suomessa talvella 1939-1940 (Porvoo, 1989), pp.
Valio benefits from the customer knowledge accumulated to us over the years, and it will most likely enable us to emphasise resolution time instead of response time," says CEO Yrjana Ahto of Fujitsu.
Domain ontology-based support to navigation in distance study course structure, in Hele-Mai Haav; Ahto Kalja (Eds.).
Figure 1 shows the comparison between the chromatograms obtained from size exclusion chromatography (SEC) for TO (curve A), HTO (curve B), and alcoholized hydroxylated tung oil (AHTO) (curve C).
at 2673 (opinion of Roberts, C.J., joined by Ahto, J.) (finding that the BCRA was unconstitutional as applied because the campaign ads were not "express advocacy or its functional equivalent"); id.
(137) Ahto Lobjakas, Georgia Walking a Tightrope Toward the West, RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY, Nov.
Her boyfriend Rainer Parnik, 23, works in the maintenance yard and Rainer's father, 53-year-old Ahto, is a bus driver.
Ahto Kenniku jargi oli kutseta opetajate protsent 1945/46.