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Similarly Dezdar and Ainin [45] also conduct a research to find out the relationship between top management support and ERP implementation.
Similarly Dezdar and Ainin [33] has studied the Iranian firms and revealed that there is a positive relationship among organizational culture and ERP implementation.
Dezdar and Ainin [33] has researched in Iranian companies and find a positive relationship among top management support and ERP implementation.
Ainin Investigating the impact of organizational culture on enterprise resource planning implementation projects.
Relationships have been found between organizational commitment and the results/work behaviours potentially relevant to the company (Meyer & Herscovitch, 2001; Dezdar & Ainin, 2011).
Top-management commitment has been emphasised as a critical factor in planning and successful implementation of IS (Basu, Hartono, Lederer, & Sethi, 2002; Dezdar & Ainin, 2011) as well as in the influence it has on the commitment of other stakeholders (Sabherwal, Sein & Marakas, 2003).
Top-management support also influences the organization's effectiveness in converting information technology investments into useful outputs (Weill & Olson, 1989; Dezdar & Ainin, 2011).
In this research it was seen how organizational context and support of management (top-management commitment) can be extremely relevant to the commitment of users and, concomitantly, in achieving the expected benefits from IS, in a manner consistent with Dhillon (2005) and Dezdar & Ainin (2012).
2003; Shih and Fang, 2004), India (Geetika and Ashwani, 2008) there have been little scholarly research pertaining to the adoption of online banking from the specific context of Malaysia apart from Poon (2008), Lallmahamood (2007), Ainin et al.
The study has identified gap on the basis of difference between means of performance and importance as also by Wade and Eagles, 2003; Kitcharoen, 2004; Ainin and Hisham, 2008.
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Mr Robson and his wife Ainin and children Annabel, four, and Hamish, eight months, live in Dene Close in the picturesque village.