AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
AIAAAerospace Industries Association of America, Inc.
AIAAAssociate Insurance Agency Administration (LOMA insurance program)
AIAAAmerican Insurance Agents Association
AIAAAssociate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia
AIAAArizona Internet Access Association
AIAAAreas of Intense Aerial Activity (UK)
AIAAAssociation of International Advertising Agencies
AIAAAmerican Indian Alumni Association (UCLA)
AIAAAbandoned Infants Assistance Act of 1998
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They are two great examples of the support our employees give to AIAA and the broader Aerospace community.
These three components were completed, and a final report was sent to the USDE in 1980, Standards for Industrial Arts Programs was revised by AIAA in 1985 to reflect technology rather than industry.
Aerodynamic shape optimization of complex aircraft configurations via an adjoint formulation," in Proceedings of the 34th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit Reno, AIAA Paper 94, Reno, Nev, USA, 1996.
Honeywell was selected for the award based on its continued support of AIAA through dedicated volunteers, sponsorships and exhibits.
8220;We were honored to participate in the panel discussion for the AIAA Region II Student Conference,” said Miller.
Domber, a senior engineer in payload systems, is currently the chair for the AIAA Structures Technical Committee and serves on the NASA Engineering & Safety Center Structures Technical Discipline Team.
Active control of supersonic impinging jets using microjets, AIAA Paper 2236: 26-29.
The new joint engine design competition will be organized and administered by the Technical Committees for Gas Turbine Engines, High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion, and Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration within AIAA and Aircraft Engines and Education within IGTI.
Eligible applicants are current AIAA educator associate members or professional members actively engaged as K-12 classroom educators.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), "2009-2013 Strategic Plan: Sections I and II" (Reston, VA: AIAA, 2009), 1, accessed 15 November 2010, http://www.
An Integrated Aeroramp Injector/Plasma-Igniter for Hydrocarbon Fuels in a Supersonic Flow," Part B: Experimental Studies of the Operating Conditions," AIAA 2001-1767