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AIDIAssociazione Industrie Dolciarie Italiane (Italian: Italian Confectioners Manufacturers Association; Rome, Italy)
AIDIAssociazione Italiana Di Illuminazione (Italian)
AIDIAssociazione Italiana Difesa Infanzia (Italian: Italian Association of Children's Defense)
AIDIAssociation of Industrial Designers of India (now Association of Indian Design Industry)
AIDIAutomated Interpretation of Diagnostic Images
AIDIAssociazione Igienisti Dentali Italian (Italian: Italian Dental Hygienists Association)
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Aidi Sham said during investigations, the suspect told police that he had posted the comment in retaliation to a posting of another Facebook user.
A soldier, Usman Hambelo, was hit by a bullet in his waist and died a few hours later, with a helicopter unable to evacuate him due to poor weather, Aidi added.
"He cannot show the evidence of what he has accused (Indonesia and the military) of," Aidi said on Sunday.
Morocco and Algeria have the richest hip-hop scenes in the Middle East and North Africa region, Aidi said, in part because of their connection to the immigrant communities in the French urban peripheries where hip-hop is very popular.
On May 26th, Aidi Schools playground was transformed into a lively carnival scene, with eye-catching bright lights and upbeat tunes pumping, creating a dazzling stage for the adorable children to perform range of varied acts they had practising for hours on end.
Aidi injection, a traditional Chinese medicine, is an extraction obtained from cantharidin, ginseng, astragalus, and acanthopanax, with effects such as heat-clearing, detoxification, and swelling reduction.
One Bahraini neighbour told the GDN that it was thought Ms Al Aidi became trapped upstairs by the fire and was unable to escape.
The government wants to hire 20,000 public-sector workers before elections in July but does not expect job creation to start recovering until the fourth quarter, Aidi said.
Aidi's critique of the rentier state model is much more explicit.
Retailers have been bracing for the advent of Aidi and Lidl, which have cornered almost half of the German market by selling at low prices.
Bichette (ILL 5562) was initially identified as a promising line at Sidi El Aidi, an INRA experimental station in the semi dry areas of Morocco, which receives an annual average rainfall of 300 mm.