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AIDOSAssociazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo (Italian Association for Women in Development)
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Charmides quickly abandons that definition of sophrosyne as aidos in the face of a quotation from Homer, a passage in which Odysseus appears in disguise, as opaque.
On the veil in Greek culture and its relationship to aidos, see importantly Cairns 1993 and 2002.
Questions about aidos, in fact, surround the entire episode, contributing to its ethical and emotional appeal from beginning to end.
So Zeus called Hermes in again, and instructed him to go back to the mortals and this time to distribute among them aidos and dike--which is to say "reverence" and "right." Reverence means a sense of community, shared knowledge of restralnt and belonging, a sense of community.
Villa boss Gregory came leaping off the bench to dance in delight on the Bal aidos Stadium turf together with the rest of Villa's back-room staff.
Cairns, Aidos. The Psychology and Ethics of Honour and Shame in Ancient Greek Literature (Oxford, 1993), pp.
Although Williams accepts Dodds's celebrated application of this distinction to ancient Greece, he points out, on the one hand, that even people in a shame culture internalize those values and, on the other hand, that Homer's "shame culture individuals" partake simultaneously of cooperative as well as competitive values since "the structures of aidos and nemesis are essentially interactive between people, and they serve to bond as much as to divide" (81).
Belfiore's theory of katharsis rests upon a prior analysis of four other concepts: fear, pity, aidos and ekplexis.
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership Center JSC of the Ministry of National Economy Aidos Kobetov spoke about improving the mechanism of public-private partnership in Kazakhstan at the press conference in the Government, the press service of the Prime Minister reports.
two altars where the Greek Goddess of Shame, Aidos, could be honored for