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ATNAnn Arbor (Amtrak station code; Anniston, AL)
ATNAcute Tubular Necrosis
ATNAttention (IEEE-488 / IEC-625 Interface Bus)
ATNAir Tahiti Nui
ATNAsian Television Network
ATNAids to Navigation (shipping)
ATNApplication Transport Network (computing)
ATNAustralasian Transport News
ATNAustralian Television Network (Sydney, Australia)
ATNAttribute Name
ATNAeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATNAutomated Trust Negotiation (sensitive information protocols)
ATNAfrica Trade Network
ATNAugmented Transition Network
ATNAcross the Nightmare (Dance Dance Revolution song)
ATNAtlantic Tele-Network, Inc. (also seen as ATNI; Beverly, MA)
ATNArriva Trains Northern (UK train operator)
ATNAll Together Now (Beatles song)
ATNAir Traffic Network
ATNAdvanced Tiros N (satellite)
ATNAmateur Television Network (FastScan)
ATNAction Performance Companies, Inc. (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
ATNAir Technology Network
ATNAdvanced Television Infrared Observation Satellite
ATNAustralian Tourism Net (travel guide)
ATNAssign Thresholds (US DoD)
ATNAccount Telephone Number
ATNAusbildungs- und Tätigkeitsnachweis (German: training and activity proof, water emergency service)
ATNAlbinism, Tyrosinase-Negative
ATNAgri-Food Trade Network (Canada)
ATNAdaptive Tactical Navigation
ATNAcyclic Transmission Network
ATNAccelerator Technical Note
ATNAstrophysical Teletype Network
ATNAgTa1-xNbxO3 (Silver tantalate niobate; ferroelectric material)
ATNApplication Technologies Nouvelles (French: Application for New Technologies; est. 1986)
ATNAutomatic Track Number (SYS-1)
ATNAviation Electronics Technician Radio and Radio Nav Equipment (US Navy)
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Rasti completed what is called Level-2 certification awarded by the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).
Safeen's AtoN department, established in compliance with IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) standards, maintains nearly 1198 buoys and beacons.
The chart will show you the position of the Aids to Navigation, their light characteristics and what landmarks you may be able to see and identify once the sun goes down.
Only three of the coast's lighthouses are considered "active" aids to navigation: Yaquina Head, Cape Blanco and Umpqua River.
The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (or IALA for short) is a non-profit organization founded in 1957 to collect and provide nautical expertise and advice.
The GLA is responsible for the safety of shipping and the wellbeing of seafarers, overseeing nearly 600 aids to navigation from traditional aids such as lighthouses, buoys and beacons to the latest satellite navigation technology.
I speak as one who explores unsurveyed coastlines and fjords in my small gaff-cutter without electronic aids to navigation, without communications beyond line of sight, with no chance of rescue should things go badly and often single-handed for weeks on end.
Along with the history and testimonials of the lighthouse service and its members Lighthouses & Keepers is replete with photos, maps and tables to assist the reader's comprehension of the sites and equipment used in these important aids to navigation. One example is a two-page illustration that is an engineering record of the Block Island, Rhode Island southeast light from 1874, which provides descriptions of the simple Piano-Convex lens, the Buffon lens (circa 1748) and the now popular Fresnel lens, which was developed by Frenchman Augustin-Jean Fresnel in 1821.
Trinity House, established by King Henry VIII, is responsible for ensuring all aids to navigation in the UK are maintained.
Boat handling and elementary seamanship, boat types and terms, registration, equipment, regulations, safe operation, state and local boating regulations, marlinespike seamanship, weather, charts and aids to navigation as well as regional boating specifics are covered.
The Tideland and IMT product ranges are highly complementary, and together they comprise the broadest Aids to Navigation solutions portfolio in the industry.
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