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One hybrid aspen plantation in Aidu was directly planted on levelled quarry spoil (59[degrees]19' N, 27[degrees]03' E) where four sample plots (Al) were established [10].
Ruskavere, Palamuse, Aidu, Koksvere, Kingissepa, and Eikla cores), and is the lateral equivalent of the typical red-coloured Jonstorp strata (Kaugatuma and Pamu cores; Figs.
There are five zones for which different proportions were applied: Aidu and Vanakula opencast with 63%, Kohtla, Mine No 2 and Sompa underground with 41%, Ahtme 40%, Tammiku 44% and Viru 42% [15, 16, 26].
Bulk extraction of all beds (layers A-F) is performed only in the Aidu opencast where a separation plant is in operation.
The study focuses on two hybrid aspen plantations established for the reclamation of Aidu oil shale opencast in spring 2000 (Table 1).
In the Estonian oil shale field the operating units are presently Aidu open-cast mine and its Vanakula mining field; Narva open-cast mine, which consists of Narva, Sirgala and Viivikonna open-cast fields and Pohja-Kivioli open-cast mine (Fig.
The modelling area included the central part of the deposit--underground mines and Aidu opencast.
The claim of Aidu opencast is characterized by very high hydraulic conductivity [2], but this was of no particular consequence in 1999.
Aidu opencast pumps the draining waters into Kohtla and Ojamaa rivers, Viru mine--into the Ratva stream and Raudi canal, and Estonia mine--into the Rannapungerja River (through Pungerja and Milloja streams) and Raudi canal.
The OS samples from the Aidu deposit (OS I and OS II) differ much from each other in the content of organic matter (29.
Viru, Aidu and Estonia gave both kinds of oil shale.
But three students from Sudbury Avenue, Jesmond, - Lizzie Pickup, 21, Laura Wakefield, 22, and Cheryl Aidus, 21 - spotted tiny flashes of gold through the grill and sprang into action.