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AILDAs I Lay Dying (novel/band)
AILDAngioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy with Dysproteinaemia
AILDAlcohol-Induced Liver Disease
AILDAngioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy with Dysgammaglobulinemia
AILDAmiodarone-Induced Lung Disease
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But it is the dead fish, 'all cut up into not-fish now' AILD, 49 (9) that mainly substitutes for Vardaman's dead mother, and through which he attempts to grasp the meaning of her death, and of his own identity.
AILD articulates Faulkner's debt to the traditional convention of inheritance not only by the book's title, which has its source in 'The Book of the Dead" in the Odyssey (10), and by his deployment of the traditional conventions of the genre.
The band crafted a monstrous sound that in some regards pushed AILD into the heaviest turf yet (credit there goes to drummer Jordan Mancino) and likewise opened passages for Lambesis to chime in on occasion with vocal parts far more melodic than he has delivered in the past.
Yet within the maelstrom, AILD holds some provocative subjects, and challenges the listener to take the next step beyond rage.
As for future growth, Marsh Supermarkets plans to stay within a 300-mile radius of its distribution facilities in Ohio (Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus aild Dayton) and in Fort Wayne and other northern Indiana areas.
For example, Faulkner's narratives (including SF, AILD, S, H, LA, WP, and AA) enclose a maternal subtext beneath the patriarchal structure at the surface of his fiction, and it is this tension within his texts that challenges paternal order in his fictional world, whether or not a "mother" is literally present in the story.
Suggests a move away from traditional readings of Temple Drake as a whore and a liar to a reading which recreates the most satisfying reading of SF and AILD, i.
Ted Atkinson's recent and original approach to AILD in Faulkner and The Great Depression suggests that Darl is penalized because he represents the threat of social upheaval on the rural community due to his destruction of and disregard for private property (187).
2) However, the clear contrast between AILD and the rest of Faulkner's body of work draws attention to the novel's lack of racial conflict or the burden of Southern history.