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AIMERAccess to Information on Multicultural Education Resources (database)
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Howard Aimer fears that the sins he and those around him have committed in the past will be "turning long after they were dead if they'd tied their children to it.
As Aimer emphatically puts it, "Everyone Needs To Be Committed
It allows the use of an IR laser aimer when the user is equipped with night vision equipment.
2MP camera with red line aimer to facilitate barcode scanning and one-button push-to-scan; Wi-Fi/802.
The LR460 also features a built in Easy Aimer, enabling the transmitter to be positioned perfectly in relation to the sloped surface of the materials and as a result improve the return signal quality.
All DataMan 100 readers offer easy set up with integrated illumination, beeper, adjustable optics, a built-in aimer and a push-button trigger.
Je trouve qu'on devrait aimer tout le monde toute l'annE[umlaut]e, pas seulement le jour de la Saint-Valentin.
The aircraft was damaged by fighter attack and only one of the seven crew, bomb aimer Alwynne Powell, managed to parachute out before the bomber crashed in the village of Bobstadt five miles north of Mannheim.
Mr Burgin said: "We met a week after I returned to England in August, 1945, after completing my flying training as a bomb aimer in Canada.
After having read Nous ne savons pas aimer, the reader will surely comprehend why.