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A4XAiming for Excellence (UK)
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He was an actor dedicated to his craft, always aiming for excellence in any interpretation of a character assigned to him.
She also used the opportunity to enjoin the beneficiaries to maintain the high standard they have set for themselves by aiming for excellence.
The Aiming for Excellence conference is arranged annually with the aim of bringing all BA Ed Primary, PGCE Primary and PGCE Secondary student teachers together in order to share good practice as they prepare for a career in teaching.
Are you educating, aiming for excellence, both or something else?
According to MC Nuvali's principal Regi Sibal, the school is not just aiming for excellence but wants to develop the holistic development of each student.
Dr Peter Carter, chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said: "Our members will agree that all hospitals should be aiming for excellence, but this requires investment and leadership.
MISSION Kevin McCloud is aiming for excellence MYSTERY Anna Friel as Ellie WILLING: Charlotte mucks in CAINED Who attacked TV's bad boy?
Academies are about improving standards and aiming for excellence.
On the one hand, the FAW are trying to improve the league, insisting that clubs have academies, improving the facilities and the coaching and trying to promote it as a league aiming for excellence - although nobody's saying its there yet.
Ian Hayton, executive director at Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: "Cleveland Fire Authority is aiming for excellence in everything we do.
Aiming for excellence means that students will sometimes "fail.