AIMPLBAll India Muslim Personal Law Board
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In a letter to the president and members of AIMPLB on March 6, Ravi Shankar spoke of "four options before the country" to resolve the dispute and discussed the possible outcomes of the Supreme Court's verdict favouring one community over the other.
Some of them are respectable members both in AIMPLB and Jamiat.
Justice Kurian Joseph questioned AIMPLB regarding the practice of e-divorces.
With these radical actions being put up for deliberation, AIMPLB has been actively opposing any possible efforts that are being used to make such changes happen.
Many had hoped that the AIMPLB would commit to reforming personal laws, banning triple talaq and releasing their own model nikahnama, because although they have no statutory powers, the AIMPLB is recognised as wielding a great deal of informal influence over Muslim communities because of their reputation as being religious authorities.
But, the AIMPLB sacked Nadvi for stand on the issue.
Summary: AIMPLB states stand after its member Salman Nadvi met with Art of Living founder Ravishankar in bid to initiate negotiations
AIMPLB said it will ask qazis to discourage the practice
If anyone feels to have been wronged, a system is there to provide a remedy as created by the AIMPLB and other religious institutions.
Ilyas said the AIMPLB condemned the Meerut incident and the accused involved in the gang rape and conversion of the girl should get strict punishment.
On May 2, the AIMPLB adopted new talaq guidelines, stating that men should use a reversible single talaq requiring a 3-month waiting period known as the iddat.
The 50-member executive, being presided over by AIMPLB President Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadvi, is discussing triple talaq bill, community reforms campaign and other issues.