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A3TAin't That the Truth
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"I don't make the rules." (Ain't that the truth ...
at a glanceStar performance Cantabria really mowed down the opposition close home, and it will be a surprise if she does not prove herself to be Group-class Ain't that the truth "We've got so many" - Jimmy Scott is unable to place Cantabria in the pecking order of Stoute's smart juveniles.
Myself, I immediately warmed to Mortimer's admission amid the spiraling chaos that he could save time if he wrote his review "on the way to the theater." Ain't that the truth.
It ain't about "law," it's about "politics" by "other means." Now, ain't that the truth?
Ain't that the truth. Step Spirit: The 12 Steps as a Spiritual Program (Paulist, 103 pages, $5.95) begins with Step One, in which one admits powerlessness over alcohol, people, places and things that cause life to be unmanageable.
Well, ain't that the truth? As I write this I have just finished the first school run of the new term and have returned home to work amid the leaning tower of suitcases, a pile of washing which is taller than my children and, because were away for Christmas, there isn't a corner of this house that hasn't got a pile of pine needles or gift bags conveniently stored in it.
Well, musically speaking, ain't that the truth! The night after, Wednesday, brings another big-hitter who is better known in another context.
She said she hated meeting new people because she thought they would be judging her (ain't that the truth).
Now ain't that the truth? People skills are all in a contact centre environment and if you are the kind of person who gets a buzz from relating to others and never knowing what is coming next, then this could be just the job for you.