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AINUAfrica Initiative for the Needy Uganda (aid group; Uganda)
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SAPPORO - A political party launched in January last year to better represent Japan's indigenous Ainu people has given up its plan to field 10 candidates in the House of Councillors election after failing to collect sufficient campaign funds.
Une entrevue dans un journal de 1956 nous apprend le regret d'un aine d'un village ainou d'Hokkaido quant au << drift to the cities where young Ainu tend to lose their racial identity >> qui ebranlait, selon lui, la capacite des Ainous restes derriere a maintenir les activites << traditionnelles >> (Trumbull 1974 : 457).
See also Brett Walker, The Conquest of Ainu Lands: Ecology and Culture in Japanese Expansion, 1590-1800 (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2001).
of Ainu Culture, and Dissemination and Enlightenment of Knowledge About
For a useful discussion about the role of Europeans in the construction of Ainu identity, consult Richard Siddle, "The Ainu: Construction of an Image", in J.
Yaguchi is adept at engaging silence and overtone, evocative of his Buddhist ancestral heritage, and flashes of illumination at simple observations of birds or trees, reminiscent of his Shinto and neighboring indigenous Ainu roots.
The committee also noted certain positive developments, including a pilot resettlement program for Myanmar refugees, and the recognition of the Ainu as an indigenous population.
After an introduction and comparison of Japanese assimilation policies with those of the West, Caprio introduces the prior development of colonial policies by the Japanese with the historical cases of Hokkaido (the northern island of Japan populated by the indigenous Ainu peoples), the Ryokyo Kingdom (present-day Okinawa), and Taiwan (colonised by Japan in 1895).
The new additions include a traditional Ainu dance in Hokkaido, northern Japan, performed by the indigenous Ainu people in the area, and ''Gagaku,'' one of Japan's traditional performing arts characterized by long, slow songs and dance-like movements, according to the agency.
Nobu was slightly larger than Seiji and much paler of skin, as if--in geographic complement to his predecessor--he were an Ainu.
Ainu Mosir is a country of sweeping vistas: forested slopes reach up to steaming volcanic peaks, waterfalls plunge down rugged mountains, and plains stretch to the horizon.
Last week he had commented that Japan was "ethnically homogenous", drawing criticism from the Ainu, the indigenous people of northern Japan.