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AIPACAmerican Israel Public Affairs Committee
AIPACAdvanced Information Processing in Automatic Control (International Federation of Automatic Control; symposium)
AIPACAdvanced Interconnection Technology for Electronics for Portugal (ESPRIT project 7502)
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On the occasion of Benjamin Netanyahu's 2018 address at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, historian Doug Rossinow (University of Oslo) (https://www.
In the face of this reality, it was a bit of a farcical "too little, too late" for the new Aipac president to declare his organisation's support for two states and then lament that this goal was probably unattainable due -- he of course added -- to Palestinian failures.
AIPAC is contending with a Jewish community that polls show is deeply unhappy with the Trump administration and its Republican allies in Congress.
AIPAC, which runs from Sunday through Tuesday in Washington DC, is an influential political conference that brings pro-Israel lobbyists and US lawmakers together to discuss future US policy on Israel, Al-Jazeera reported.
This was a move that AIPAC supported but that many, particularly Democrats , thought was an outrageous overreach of Netanyahu's influence.
The only exception among the major five candidates was Senator Bernie Sanders, the only Jewish presidential candidate, who refused to attend the AIPAC event.
Trump's appearance at Aipac upset some Jewish groups.
He believes working with AIPAC helps families such as his own both here and in the Middle East achieve and maintain their dreams.
AIPAC, the American-Israel Political Action Committee, may have more money, but CUFI has a much larger grassroots base.
It seemed obvious to us that declaring himself at the beck and call of AIPAC sets a dangerous precedent.
Conservatives were seen to be cannibalising themselves, while AIPAC was reeling from having picked and lost two separate fights with President Barack Obama: Syria and Iran sanctions.
Netanyahu's speech before the AIPAC has nothing new in it," Palestinian presidency spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaina said in a statement to Palestine News Agency.