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According to an article posted online which can be read via:, the Asian Review was quoted as saying that Japan is considering selling air defense radar technology to the Philippines in what would be its first export of defense equipment since ending a nearly 50-year ban in 2014.
Japanese news agency Asia Nikkei reported over the weekend that Japan is selling its Mitsubishi Electric FPS-3 air defense radar system.
In this paper, for the optimal problem of solving MACSIA, firstly, the calculation method of the enemy air defense radar detection range under the terrain masking condition is given, and the active interference model of electronic warfare is built.
Threat of Air Defense Radar. As shown in Figure 3, assuming that the air defense radar position is ([x.sub.adr], [y.sub.adr]), the air defense radar jamming equipment position is ([], []), the position of [uv.sub.i] is ([x.sub.i], [y.sub.i]) the effective interference distance of air defense radar jamming equipment is [R.sub.adr], the max detection radium and angle of air defense radar are, respectively, [R.sub.max] and [beta], then the condition which UAVs can be in the safe zone is [39, 40]
"They studied Iranian air defense radar stations and recorded the travelers' rich communications trail, including Iranian satellite coordinates collected by an NSA program called Ghosthunter.
Iranian commanders and officials have always underlined the capability of the country's home-made air defense radar systems to easily detect enemies' cruise missiles, drones and other types of aircraft.
Iran's home-made air defense radar systems can easily detect cruise missiles and drones.
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