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AIRDETAir Detachment (USAF)
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The discussion of restricted-maneuvering doctrine versus standard engineering operations casualty control needs to be a portion of the initial discussion between the air detachment and the ship during Initial Ship Aviation Team Training (ISATT).
However, looking at the big picture, we had an embarked air detachment, whereas the other ship did not - so for the near term, it was the right decision.
These planes were sent to the West Military District armament (17th Separate Air Detachment), at Air Forces of the Black Sea (1st and 2d Reconnaissance Air Detachments) and Air Forces of the Trans Caucasus Military District.
Operation Iraqi Freedom called for SOCCENT to establish a Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command as well as two separate JSOTF's, the Joint Special Operations Air Component Command, two Joint Special Operations Air Detachments, a Naval Special Warfare Task Group, and six Special Forces FOBs.
The Fleet Air Detachment departed Guantanamo Bay on 7 April 1919, having spent seven weeks operating with the fleet with no support from shore.
Bugs and the rest of his air detachment shipmates from NMCB 40, homeported at Naval Base Ventura County, Calif., are getting to put their woodworking skills to some patriotic use by helping victims of Hurricane Katrina recover from the devastation.
The AVRO 504K two-seat biplane first appeared in Russia during the 1920s, when some machines entered service in the Don air detachment of General Wrangel's White forces and the 2d air detachment of the White Volunteer Army.
The information is included in the report of the Parliamentary ad-hoc committee probing the flights of "Air Detachment 28," which operates the government aircraft
When our captain checked onboard halfway through deployment, he had made it clear to our OinC that he liked to conduct unannounced safety drills with the ship, involving the air detachment when appropriate.
The squadron was established as an air detachment of the Pacific Fleet in September 1919 and designated Torpedo Plane Squadron (VT) 5 on 15 June 1920.
It started weeks before when the LSC and Pier 8 personnel coordinated shipping of material from Baltimore to Boston while Comfort was in the yards and when 20 pallets of material for the deploying air detachment were identified.
Soon after arriving, an equipment operator from air detachment, NMCB5 unloads equipment from an Air Force C-130.
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