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AFADAsian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances
AFADAir Force Active Duty (US Air Force)
AFADAir Force Air Defense (United Arab Emirates)
AFADArmed Forces Appreciation Day (various locations)
AFADAssociation of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines, Inc
AFADAssessment/Force Accounting Database
AFADAir Force Acquisition Document
AFADAutomated Flagging Assistance Devices
AFADAir Force Acquisition Directive
AFADAutomated Fineline Assortment Distribution (WalMart Replenishment)
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Our FM enlisted force provides top-notch customer service to an Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Air Force active duty population of over 500,000.
He left Air Force active duty in 1976 as an E-4, and later received his bachelor's degree at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.
There have been Air Force Active Duty and Reserve personnel, fulfilling duties from two weeks to several months and passing through for training requirements.
Vandenberg has about 50 members consisting of Air Force active duty personnel, civilians, and contractors.
Air Force active duty, 1964-74, and 18 years of reserve duty; Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts leadership, 1976-82; president of O'Hara School Board for four years in the 1980s; local admissions liaison for the Air Force Academy
Membership consists mainly of Air Force active duty and retired officers and officer candidates.
The Gallant Unit Citation and the Meritorious Unit Award can be awarded to Air Force active duty, Reserve and Guard units for actions or service while directly supporting combat operations.
On your date for departure to Basic Military Training, you will report to the Military Entrance Processing Station for processing to enter Air Force active duty.
In addition, the senior leaders discussed the Air Force active duty end strength ceiling, now to be 330,000 personnel, and addressed which missions and functional specialties should obtain additional allocations based on emerging missions as well as critically manned career fields.
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