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AFADAir Force Acquisition Directive
AFADAutomated Fineline Assortment Distribution (WalMart Replenishment)
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17, President Tsai paid visits to the Air Force Air Defense and Missile Command 793 Brigade 621 Battalion, Naval Maritime Surveillance, Reconnaissance Command, and Guandu Area Command.
General Dynamics Information Technology, a business unit of General Dynamics, was awarded a contract to support the US Air Force Air Defense Communications Service 3 program.
Air Force Air Defense Command, to carry out planning.
Roy Slemon, and the head of the Air Force Air Defense Command, General Benjamin Chidlaw, met to discuss the best means for providing defense for North America.
The study concluded that the current approach to air space de-confliction would make it difficult for the Navy to conduct "time-sensitive" strikes beyond the line of sight, without risking fires on friendly ground forces or having Navy missiles shot down by Army or Air Force air defenses. Time-sensitive strikes are planned within minutes, unlike strategic missions that take weeks to map out and coordinate.
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