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AFFORAir Force Forces
AFFORAir Force Forces Command
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By having well trained and educated logistics subject matter experts on staff, the COCOM and Air Force Forces (AFFOR) staff can expedite decisionmaking, possibly ahead of the enemy's decisionmaking cycle, and compress planning time lines.
Reversing roles and making Air Force forces our primary means for attacking and defeating an opposing mechanized army would provide the United States with a number of extremely important advantages.
in the direction and control of all assigned and attached Air Force forces" and is the "focal point for executing component operations outside the purview of the AOC." (10) Similarly, the AOC "is the Air Force component commander's command and control (C2) center that provides the capability to plan, direct, and assess the activities of assigned and attached forces." (11) Although not specifically stated in either doctrine or AFIs, the air component effectively places current operations within the AOC and future operations within the AFFOR/A3.
COMAFFOR--Commander Air Force Forces Logistics Staff
The holding area responsibilities are split between Air Force forces and USMC or USA forces.
The wing is the first in the command "to embrace the combat capabilities in four major core TFI areas: distributed ground system; high-altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; air operations center; and Air Force forces operations."
To support the above strategic priorities, USPACOM's strategy and plans guide PACAF in areas of emphasis on regional security cooperation, joint teamwork, and the joint needs of its Air Force forces for cooperative end states.
The Commander Air Force Forces logistics staff (COMAFFOR/ A4) raised issues over aircraft arriving for combat with high-time engines, engines overdue time changes and grounding inspections, and aircraft requiring phase inspections immediately upon arriving in the area of responsibility.
The application will be processed through the chain of command and eventually approved or disapproved by the commander of Air Force forces.
Through careful building of partnerships, Air Force forces can favorably shape the strategic environment by assessing advising training, and assisting host nation airforces in their efforts to counter internal or external threats.
They have formal roles on the Air Force forces (AFFOR) staff, in the Joint or combined air operations center (JAOC/CAOC) operations assessment team and air mobility division, and in A4.
(9) These can be described generically as the component headquarters or CHQ each of which has an Air Force forces (AFFOR) commander and staff who present forces to the joint force commander and deal with Air Force service-specific issues as a "force provider." It also includes the AOC, with the trained and proficient core of a joint or coalition air operations center (JAOC/CAOC) staff.
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