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AFREPAir Force Repair Enhancement Program
AFREPAir Force Representative
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The Army and Royal Air Force representatives will also take part in an Armed Forces half-time penalty shoot-out.
The LWG includes Headquarters Air Force representatives.
Letters from the governors pitching their states as ideal base locations are due July 1, with Air Force representatives making site visits during the summer.
The testing office includes about 25 Air Force representatives, both military and civilian, and it will acquire six to 10 more in the next year.
US Air Force representatives have recently found themselves in the position of defending that service's use of the BLU-118/B "`thermobaric'" bomb against al-Qaeda fighters in a cave near Gardez.
Mackey said: "He's hesitant to say anything, under advice from the Air Force representatives."
On April 20, Air Force representatives met with BRACC officials to explain their plans in more detail.
The Air Force representatives reiterated their desire to acquire a single system using nondevelopmental technology, the sources said.
According to informed Pentagon sources, the Air Force representatives present offered assistance for that study, and the new initiative suddenly had a life of its own -- and a $20 million budget as well.
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