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AFCSAAssociation of Former Customs Special Agents
AFCSAAir Force Scientific Advisory Board
AFCSAAir Force Communications-Computer Systems Architecture
AFCSAAir Force Center for Studies & Analysis
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No careerist would have resigned from the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board and voluntarily surrendered his top-security clearance in protest over the American war against Vietnam.
The US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board recently concluded that new electronic warfare strategies will depend heavily upon the use of off-board expendable countermeasures.
Fugate's achievements are recognized internationally as the ultimate in atmospheric compensation techniques, and his program was recognized seven times consecutively as "world class," the highest rating assigned by the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board.
The Air Force Scientific Advisory Board defines the AEF as an adaptable and rapidly employable set of air and space assets that provide the president, secretary of defense, and combatant commanders with options for missions ranging from humanitarian airlift to combat operations.
Teets selected Heidi Shyu as chair of the United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, an independent group that provides technical advice to Air Force leadership.
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